Registrar (ASA) work closely with DVC (ASA) on the training need s of teaching and technical staff and also ensures that the departments execute their roles in a professional manner in accordance with the University statutes

Registrars (ASA) office is plays a major role in coordination & preparation of teaching. Proper timetables for Examinations are also prepared under this division.

The Office provides secretarial services to all University Senate committees related

 Academic matters.  This sub-division is tasked with coordinating and collections of

performance contract evidences for targets and prepares Division’s PCs contracts.

Registrar (ASA) is required to perform the following additional tasks: –

  • Coordinate administration, planning, finance & processing of exams, academic transcripts & printing and issuance of certs
  • Supervise the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation applications
  • Custodian of academic records and certificates
  • Communicate, follow-up and implement decisions of UBM
  • Cheating in Examinations.
  • Disciplinary/ suspensions,
  • Perform any other duties as may be delegated or assigned by VC