Senate Affairs, Academic Programmes and Planning

A leading Department in the Provision of enabling environment for pursuit of academic programmes and Secretariat Services to the senate.
To provide a conducive and an enabling environment for academic programmes by ensuring adequacy of teaching & learning facilities and smooth operation of the senate office.
Core Values
Integrity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Creativity, Team Work, Equity, Tolerance, Meritocracy and Transparency.
Our partners/ stakeholders
Our partners and stakeholders include:
• Students
• MksU staff
• MksU Alumni
• Parents/guardians
• Sponsors
• Regulatory Bodies
• Ministry of Education
• Primary and Secondary Schools
• Other Ministries, Departments and Government Agencies
• County Governments
• Local community
• Other institutions of higher learning both local and international
• International Organizations
• Citizens

The functions of the Head, Senate affairs department are:
• Coordinating the provision of teaching and training venues in liaison with the time tabling officer
• Ensuring that teaching and training venues are clean and well maintained
• Provision of the public-address system and overhead projectors for lecturers and other university functions
• Coordinating the preparation and publication of the University calendar, prospectus, catalogue and Almanac
• Preparation of semester dates for programmes of Machakos University
• Coordinating senate matters, preparation of agenda documentation and minutes and safe custody of the same
• Serving as secretariat to the graduation committee meetings
• Facilitate the availability and arrangement of seats in the graduation square
• Facilitating the availability of adequate academic attire for graduation ceremonies
• Distributing graduation attire to schools for issue to graduands
• Ensuring that all graduands return the academic attire after graduation and then clear them so that they may collect their certificates
• Facilitate borrowing out and return of gowns
• Facilitate the election of deans of schools

Senate Affairs Departmental clients expect:
• Quality and timely services
• Confidentiality
• Friendly and courteous staff
• Respect for human dignity and rights
• Transparency and equity on service provision
Our service delivery standards
Our clients and stakeholders should expect high standards of service delivery. We shall endeavour to provide services as follows:
• Attend to visitors’ enquiries in a respectful manner within five (5) minutes;
• Respond to written enquiries within fourteen (14) days;
• Handle customers’ complaints within two (2) weeks;
• Give notice of 14 days for scheduled meetings to customers, stakeholders and clients;

Our customers are entitled to:
• Free enquiry for services,
• Confidential handling of information,
• Access to relevant non-confidential information and feedback,
• Courteous and timely response to requests, complaints and enquiries,
Obligation of Customers
• Familiarise and conform to the rules, and regulations of the University,
• Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
• Give their views on how they perceive our services
• Be open and honest.
• Respond to inquiries without delay to enable us to give them timely response,
• Avoid confrontation.